July 19, 2024
Welcome to BHM Juarez!
Juarez, Mexico
   Broken Hearts Ministries is a multifaceted, non-denominational, evangelical ministry. Our primary focus is on the impoverished, labor class people of Juarez, Mexico. While recognizing our call to help reach these communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we see that it is necessary to also provide help with their physical needs in order to get beyond the financial bondage and focus on the more important spiritual needs. We work at building close relationships and building community among believers to strengthen and encourage them to reach out to their own families and neighbors.
Another aspect of ministry, to which we believe we are all called, is to encourage each other in the body of Christ to use our gifts of time, talents, and treasure to serve and glorify God. Broken Hearts Ministries provides life-changing opportunities to serve through short-term trips during which we work on construction projects, and other relational mercy ministries.
Please check out the rest of our web-site, pray and ask God how He would like to use you in support of His work in Juarez, Mexico.